What Is Gallagher Type 1A Security Camera

Gallagher Type 1A Security Camera is a new security device developed by Gallagher, a renowned industry leader. It is part of the Type 1A supervisory system. The system is so powerful and has such professional, high-grade qualities that it has been officially chosen by Australian Government for use in its various departments and offices across the country.

What exactly is the difference between Type 1A and other types? There exists a certain regulation dated 2008. It outlines an alarms standard under the name of Type 1A. To ensure full compliance, Gallagher’s Type 1A camera was designed to take this role. The work has already received the attention of the Security Construction committee.

By its nature, the Type 1A camera is multi-functional. It includes a range of different sensors and alarms to allow for strong protection and reliable service in the event of unpredictable circumstances. It also supports multiple connection types that are currently in use in modern security and access control systems across the country.

The system produced by Gallagher meets the highest regulatory standards and conforms to all the necessary rules. For example, SCEC, a major regulatory body, has already approved the new supervisory system and recommended it for use in high-security locations. Compliance is and has always been a very high priority for Gallagher.

Gallagher Type 1A Security Camera is tightly interconnected with other components of the Gallagher infrastructure, which includes control panels, monitors and alarms. The deep integration with the whole system makes it possible to deploy and relocate security cameras without hassle. The system includes numerous control outputs, which is necessary in order to respond to all kinds of different situations. Ventilation, lighting, heating, all of these outputs are managed and deployed by a single Gallagher unit.

Gallagher is well known for its innovative developments in the access security field. As such, it is responsible for the release of a mobile connect app that replaces traditional ID cards. With the mobile app, access identification becomes significantly easier. It fully implements the concept of digital IDs that can be accessed across multiple sites.

Without a doubt, Gallagher offers some of the best access control solutions on the market. Its complete management cycle ensures that nothing else is needed, the Gallagher system is self-contained.

The Gallagher security camera is an example of a product that follows the necessary regulations and can be integrated into an existing system with ease.

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