Are green homes popular in Australia?

Are green homes popular in Australia?

You may have already witnessed the fact that green homes are becoming progressively more popular in Australia. For sure, there are many reasons why people become interested in purchasing or building one for themselves, but firstly let’s step back to look at what a green home actually is.

A green homes Australia should be able to treat and retain rainwater, employ appropriate energy and water usage standards, dispose of waste through a sewage system rather than a septic tank, have appropriate green home insulation, be built using environmentally friendly building materials.

By going about it in this way you’ll find that your green home can end up saving money for both yourself and the environment. In fact, there are some that purport that green homes can save up to 30% on living costs, therefore it’s no surprise that they’re becoming so popular in Australia.

What makes a green home?

You will have heard of a number of well-known supermodels and celebrities who have decided to build themselves a green home, which goes to show just how popular green homes have become in Australia.

However, some people feel that they may be unable to afford a green home and wonder what makes them so special? The fact is that while their initial price tag is higher than that of a typical home, the energy-saving and water conservation issues together with more efficient appliances mean that you can actually save money long term.

For example, a typical fridge uses around 470 kilowatts of energy every year which over a standard 20-year lifespan would consume anywhere from 28 to 48-megawatt hours. This is a lot of wasted electricity and means that owners will have to fork out more money on their power bills.

In comparison, an environmentally friendly ‘Ecofridge’ has an energy rating of A+ which means it consumes around 50% less electricity.

Green homes are the way forward

Once again, you will have heard of many celebrities who have decided to build or move into a green home. However, this isn’t something that is just becoming popular with Hollywood superstars; people all over Australia are choosing to build green homes for themselves.

In fact, it’s becoming so popular in Australia that there are now several awards being given out each year to recognize the best environmentally conscious building projects from around the country. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a new home many people decide to upgrade their existing property in order to make it more efficient and eco-friendly.

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