What Is A EWP Ticket?

Elevating work platform or EWP ticket is a training program that provides a high-risk work license to the participants by providing them skills and knowledge to operate EWP with a more than 11-meter long boom.

Details of this training program

Certification: The competent participants in this program will be provided with a certification known as Statement of Attainment recognized by the Qualifications Framework of Australia. This Statement or certification issued by RTO 40496 or Pinnacle Safety and Training will be recognized throughout the nation.

National unit of capability: this license will allow you to operate an EWP with a boom 11 meters long or more

Duration of the course

The course under the EWP ticket can be completed in just three days. In the first two days, you will get theoretical knowledge about operating an elevated work platform with 11-meter long boom. On the third day, you will be provided practical training and all of your skills will be assessed to determine your eligibility for this license.

Price of EWP ticket

The price of this public course is $645. You can save $10 by booking your seat for this program online. Some of the sites also allow you to save up to $40 by booking your seat for this training program through them.

Overview of the course

A EWP or elevating work platform is a hinged device, an articulated device, or a telescopic device, or the combination of all these devices that can be used to hold up a platform that can be used to perform a work by elevating the personnel as well as materials and equipment. The course of the EWP ticket covers all the functionalities required to operate a EWP with an 11 meter or longer boom.

The candidates who complete this course successfully will be required to go through formal logbook training. One can be eligible for applying for a license of high-risk works according to the assessment results.


How to pick a herb vaporizer- important considerations to keep in mind

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